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Health Benefits of Green Cardamom/Elaichi 

Consider your favourite savoury biryani accompanied by lengthy aromatic basmati rice and real Indian spices. When you bite into the Elaichi, the experience truly elevates - it's an explosion of flavours!

Cardamom, also known as Elaichi, is a green pod with black seeds that are rich in flavour and scent. It is almost identical to Indian masala chai. It is commonly used in Indian desserts such as cardamom kheer and halwa.  Cardamom is also used in baking, such as cookies, sweet buns, nankhatai, and baklawa.

Elaichi is also our favourite mouthwash in India. It is widely available in Indian kitchens and is consumed on a daily basis. Is it, however, healthy for your health?

Cardamom/Elaichi Good for your health or not?

After saffron and vanilla, elaichi is the most costly spice in the world. It has travelled the world and is utilised in a variety of cuisines. According to Ayurveda, it has numerous medicinal benefits. 

Health Benefits of Cardamom

  • Improves Oxygen Supply to Lungs

Cardamom/Elaichi aids in the relief of chest congestion. As a result, the lungs can rest. As a result, the lungs can consume more oxygen. This may appear to be a minor advantage, but it has a significant impact on the entire body since it enhances oxygen supply in the blood over time!

  • Helpful for People with High Blood Pressure

People nowadays develop high blood pressure at a younger age due to sedentary lifestyles. The spice has purifying and diuretic properties. It aids in the management of high blood pressure by draining away excess water from the organs. It also contains a lot of antioxidants.

  • Helps Maintain Oral Health

The spice is excellent not just for foul breath, but also for overall oral health. It kills bacteria in the mouth and hence aids in cavity prevention. It is beneficial to the overall health of the gums and teeth. As a result, it is commonly utilised in mouth fresheners.

  • Cardamoms Are Aphrodisiac

Spice, according to Ayurveda and other ancient treatments, strengthens the body's sexual functioning. It also aids in the treatment of impotency and erectile dysfunction. This improves blood circulation and hence increases sexual desire in men. It is also often regarded as a natural alternative to viagra. 

Side Effects of Cardamom

Cardamom is a natural gift that is rich in health benefits and flavours. However, one should use caution while using spice on a daily basis. All nice things are beneficial in moderation.

Pregnant women should exercise caution when consuming cardamom, as it is thought to cause miscarriage. Cardamom should be avoided by people who have gallstones since it can cause pain.